Monday, June 25, 2012

Heron DeJesus the Interview

Searching for Beauty_

Searching for Beauty_

As a whole, our culture has very specific ideas about what qualifies something as being beautiful. This intuitive interpretation is different than our intellectual understanding much of the time though. I feel this practical and intuitive understanding of what beauty is needs to be expanded. The result may save our culture from division by further stratification.

For this video I posed myself with the challenge of illustrating a broader interpretation of what beauty is. I believe beauty exists on a fundamental level within or as an aspect of communication. In addition this work is a documentation of my search for individuals who have found something beautiful, and decided to share it for others, on the internet.

Communicating why or how a video portrays beauty is no easy task though, and, ultimately, one can only expose someone to the idea. It’s a long way from influencing someone’s intuitive understanding of beauty, but there’s still a chance that their broadened intellectual understanding of beauty. Perhaps such a task is worth a lifetime of work.


irl from K Wilson irl from K Wilson

If one were to believe the news broadcasts and talk show circuit, the internet is nothing but a cesspool of bullying and harassment.  It is responsible for more harm than good, a dangerous weapon, and something from which both children and adults should be shielded for their own good.  If one were to look for himself, and read beyond the surface, he would find nothing more than a reflection of the same life which goes on everywhere, with or without a WiFi signal.


Rachael Raven Video Art Summer Session 1 Artist Statement Humanity In my video art piece I decided to do collaboration with people I surround myself with. I asked them a series of questions, and I asked them to video tape themselves answering the questions. Some of them I was there to actually ask them in person and some not. They are all people that I care about and that I at least a small way have a connection to. My intention for this project was to show people’s personalities, opinions, and similarities and differences from each other. I think I have done this in an interesting and creative way. The point of having everyone talking at once is an exercise of trying to hearing everyone’s unique voice and opinions. I have had to watch the video multiple times to be able to understand it, but I believe that is a good thing. I tried to get a diverse group of people: A woman and her 2 children, My friend in the military who is stationed in Hawaii, My friend who just got married and my friend who just had a baby recently. You don’t need to know their back story though. I find that each person has an attractive quality to them that makes you want to listen to them in some shape or form.

Colorful Movement

Artist Statement-Colorful Movement
The body moves mysteriously. Sometimes it moves without us wanting it to; sometimes we have full control. Why were we made to only move in certain directions? Do we understand what kind of creatures we are?  We create our own perspectives of life through the experiences we encounter.  Our body allows us to experience things and see things that others never will. We know who we are because we are the only one who knows what it is like to be us.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indefinite Existence

Artist Statement: As I pondered ideas for this project, I kept coming back to the idea of time. The never ending loop of time, even with all the societal pressures put on time it continues indefinite in its existence.I wanted to represent time itself and how it continues regardless of us and our time constraints. I thought of the continuous loop, over and over of time passing by, rushing by, ticking away. We all continue everyday in the usual way not very often swaying from our routines and adhering to work, school and family time schedules. As we as a society stress our selves out over our deadlines and time constraints time ticks on happy and oblivious to us. Only we ourselves put such strict time obligations on our selves as a society. I wonder what it would be to be free of the pressure we put on ourselves to keep up with this time loop we circle our daily activities in. I may never know so here is my idea of the loop of the indefinte existence of time.

Tristesse-Final Project

Artist Statement-Tristesse

Video is known for its ability to capture moments throughout time. Using this technology to express an idea is what inspired this project. How do different video and editing techniques affect the way artwork is interpreted? To what extent can an idea be created and expressed through recording and creating video? I am attracted to video art because of the possibilities is generates as well as the new and unexplored nature of the art form. Video art has become my platform to explore the idea of sadness after recently losing a loved one.

This piece began when my grandfather passed away. The overwhelming emotions I felt were intriguing and unfamiliar. I was attempting to search for ways of expressing these emotions through video art. The project evolved into a personal exploration of sadness and desolation.

My goal with this project was to discover ways of conveying the heavy emotions I felt with my grandfathers passing. My hope is that through the process of creating, recording and editing I am able to capture the essence of Tristesse – the French word for sadness.